10 fresh songs from the pen of the trio, which show the musical breadth even more impressively.

Including a "candy". The Deep Purple number "Sail Away" with Don Airey himself on the Hammond!!!

Track list:

  1. Bonewalk

  2. Monster

  3. Common Sense

  4. Sail Away

  5. Free Your Mind

  6. U R The 1

  7. Caught In The Roots

  8. Thank You

  9. Gonna Getscha

  10. Gone

Album was recorded and mastered in autumn/spring 2020/2021 by Ralph Weritz and Almir Alajbegovic.

Availabale as CD or 180g gatefold limited colored vinyl and unlimited black vinyl.



Nine songs were written by the band themselves and impressively show the musical breadth of the trio.

"Come Together", the only one cover,  outlined the beginning of the trio, because the classics was played at the first jam session and has since served as the opening song at the most of the Bones concerts.

This Album is dedicated to Jon Lord.

Track list:

  1. Back Door

  2. Take Me Home

  3. Restless Bones

  4. Living It Out

  5. Out Of The Blue

  6. Come Together

  7. Taking Me Down

  8. The Sun Again

  9. Body Shake

  10. World Of Mashines

Album was recorded and mastered in autumn 2015 by Ralph Weritz.

Availabale as CD or 180g gatefold vinyl.

To buy please contact: restles-bones@inode.at