A significant proportion of the band's formation has Jon Lord - yes, the Hammond giant of Deep Purple! On the occasion of his last concert in Graz in 2011 with his "Blues Project" the rock legend encouraged the bands foundation in a personal conversation.

Thus our first album "Rocks, Frogs & Snails" is dedicated to the Maestro and found it’s way thanks to Deep Purple’s drum master Ian Paice to Vicky Lord.

Restless Bones are primarily a boiling live band that rocks, grooves, improvises.

Restless Bones are:

Arno Pfeiler - guitar, lead vocals

Petar Oppel - bass, backing vocals

Sam Schlagenhaufen - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Swinging 1960s and rocking1970s ...
Those were really the days - at least in rock music
respects. Restless bones are fishing exactly in these waters totally frank and targeted. The trio consists of experienced and
well seasoned veterans of the styrian rock landscape and
grew up with music by Hendrix, Cream, Doors, Beatles, Deep Purple and, and, and ...

Their own songs were only a matter of time, because their cover pieces were mutch-loved by the audience the special way they were arranged by the band. Not least because the songs are quasi knocked out after the manner of this fascinating period of music in rehearsal sessions. Meaning that Restless Bones do not really have to complain about a lack of creativity, because the songs are quasi shaken after the classic manner in rehearsal sessions of the instruments. More or less along the lines of "It's only rock 'n' roll ..."!